• Teddy bear maker cuts price on Hillary model
    By JOHN CURRAN The Associated Press | June 12,2008
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    The Associated Press

    Vermont Teddy Bear Co. has sent the Hillary bear to the bargain bin.
    SHELBURNE Hillary Clinton's not only out of the running. She's been relegated to the bargain bin.

    A teddy bear maker that's selling bear likenesses of presidential candidates John McCain, Barack Obama and Clinton has cut the price on the Clinton model from $99.95 to $74.95 because she's no longer a candidate.

    "She's no longer part of that trio of candidates, so we put her on sale," said Meg Terrien, a spokeswoman for Vermont Teddy Bear Co.

    The company, which makes about 450,000 bears for its bear gram delivery service and also sells a "Love Gov" bear based on former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, began marketing the 15-inch-tall presidential candidate bears in April.

    The McCain model wears a gray suit with a red power tie, white dress shirt and "McCain" lapel pin. "This courageous bear is at your service," reads a promotional blurb on the company's Web site. "Wearing a business suit and tie and McCain 2008 campaign button, he makes a great gift for any McCain supporter."

    Obama's bear comes with a white dress shirt, sleeves rolled up, black pants and an Obama '08 campaign button. "This Bear is one you can believe in to get the vote of any Barack supporter," reads its blurb.

    Clinton's comes wearing her signature yellow blazer, black slacks, string of pearls and blue "Hillary for President" button. It's "a fun solution to finding the perfect gift for any Hillary supporter," according to the Web site.

    "People loved them," Terrien said. "It's always fun to see a caricature of someone you know or are familiar with. Because of all the coverage of the campaign, people have a good visual of what the candidates look like, so seeing that visual on a teddy bear was really humorous."

    The company wouldn't say how many of the bears have sold, but according to Terrien, 55 percent of those sold were Obama bears, 35 percent were Clinton bears and 10 percent McCain bears.

    One visitor at Vermont Teddy Bear's plant Wednesday got a good chuckle out of the bears and Clinton's discount price.

    "It still costs a lot, at least to me," said Lisa Donatiello, 42, of Flemington, N.J., who was attending a conference nearby and stopped in to buy her 7-year-old daughter a teddy bear. "It's very timely. They're great at keeping up with what's going on these days."
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