• Accounts differ in chester shooting
    By JOSH O'GORMAN Herald Staff | August 20,2008
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    CHESTER — Officials are still reconstructing the events and motivations that led to a fatal shooting of a Springfield man Sunday night.

    Kyle D. Bolaski, 24, of Chester, pleaded innocent Monday to charges he shot and killed Vincent Tamburello, 32, of Springfield, following an altercation in MacKenzie Park. Bolaski has been charged with second-degree murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and was release from Southern State Correctional Facility in Springfield after posting $100,000 bail.

    According to an affidavit filed in White River Junction District Court by Detective Sgt. William M. Jenkins, multiple witnesses told police that Tamburello and his girlfriend met Bolaski and several of his friends shortly after 7 p.m. Sunday night in MacKenzie Park.

    Court records state Tamburello chased Bolaski with an ax to Bolaski's pickup, where Bolaski retrieved a hunting rifle and twice shot Tamburello.

    According to statements from two witnesses, Bolaski immediately claimed he was acting in self-defense, but several witnesses claimed Bolaski pursued Tamburello as he retreated after being shot in the leg, court records state.

    While police have released a report of Sunday night's events, what led to the shooting is still unclear. Shortly after the shooting, police interviewed Jerry Ucci, 21, who told police of an altercation that had allegedly transpired the day before between Tamburello and friends of Bolaski.

    Court records state Ucci told police he had heard that a man named Ben — whose last name is not part of Jenkins' affidavit — had sent a sexually explicit text message to Tamburello's girlfriend. Ucci said Tamburello showed up at the home of Tristan Blanchard — where Ben was staying — looking for Ben, who refused to come outside, court records state.

    Ucci told police Tamburello entered Blanchard's home, took some money off the table and left, court records state. Ucci told police that Ben and some friends pursued Tamburello to his girlfriend's house, where Tamburello punched someone named Gill — no last name given — and knocked him out, court records state.

    Ucci said Springfield police responded to the incident but made no arrests, according to court records. Based upon Jenkins' affidavit, which states, "Ucci … advised he heard the following," it appears his account of Saturday's events is composed of hearsay rather what he witnessed.

    A police report detailing Saturday's incident is not available, and on Tuesday, Springfield police referred all questions to Windsor County State's Attorney Robert Sand.

    "Springfield police did respond to an incident the day before and no arrests were made," Sand said on Tuesday. "The incident was still under investigation at the time of the shooting."

    Sand said he had received some paperwork from Springfield police surrounding Saturday's incident.

    "I think it's fair to say that what took place earlier will have reference to these charges," Sand said. "What is unclear to me is what triggered the Saturday event that resulted in the Springfield police responding."

    Sand said he expected to receive a report from Springfield police by the end of the week, at which point he would decide whether or not to file additional charges.

    While it is unclear what charges Tamburello might have faced from Saturday's incident in Springfield, he was facing three charges of disorderly conduct in Brattleboro District Court, said Bellows Falls Police Chief Ron Lake.

    Lake said that about a month ago — the date was not immediately available — Tamburello was arrested for disorderly conduct after being involved in an altercation with a Springfield man at the Urgent Care Center.

    Lake said that on Thursday, Tamburello returned to the Urgent Care Center to collect statements from employees for his upcoming arraignment, and while there began yelling at people inside the health center.

    Lake said police responded to the health center, but by then Tamburello had left. Police took statements from witnesses and when they returned to the station they found Tamburello waiting for them.

    "I guess he wanted to complain about the way he was treated when he tried to collect statements," Lake said. Police cited Tamburello for disorderly conduct and released him, but when he went out to the police station's parking lot he became involved in another altercation, Lake said.

    "He went out to the car and started yelling at his significant other, who got out and ran away," Lake said. "He then pursued her and there was another verbal altercation in front of witnesses and he was again cited for disorderly conduct."

    Contact Josh O'Gorman at josh.ogorman@rutlandherald.com.

    This article was corrected Aug. 27, 2008, to show Bolaski posted bail.
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