• Rutland County GOP chairman apologizes again for Facebook post
    July 17,2012
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    Rutland County Republican Committee Chairman Rob Towle has issued a second apology for a racially charged post to the county GOP's Facebook page.
    Towle took sole responsibility for the post, which has since been taken down along with the entire page.
    "I want to let everyone know that I am truly sorry about the stupid and insensitive post that I reposted to the Rutland County page Sunday," he wrote. "It was a case of bad judgement and anyone that knows me, knows that the post does not reflect my personal values, nor does it in any way reflect the values or beliefs of any GOP official, Candidate, GOP worker, or any person that I am friends with or associate with. At no time was any person other than myself involved with this post and I wanted to make sure people understand I take full responsibility.
    "In writing this statement (with a heavy heart and great sorrow), I hope this message will reach those offended and will take this apology for face value and find it in their hearts to forgive."
    The post referred to a "2012 Social Security Stimulus Package" that included cornbread mix, discount coupons to Kentucky Fried chicken and a prayer rug. It was followed by an "apology" regretting that "some members of the Democratic party" took offense to the post.
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