• Stroller rule endangers kids
    September 28,2012
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    I am a frequent rider of The Bus, and this past week they made all parents fold up their childís strollers.

    What are we to do with our child while we are unloading and folding the stroller, if it is only one parent with an infant or toddler? Hand them over to a stranger? I donít feel safe handing my daughter over to some person I donít know. What if that person is sick or all of a sudden decides to run off with my child? Or are we to lay our child on the dirty ground?

    That is only one of the few concerns that I have. What will happen if the bus gets hit or by some chance it rolls over? Our child is going to fly out of our arms or fly off the seat. Is The Bus going to pay the hospital bills for the child if they get hurt? I donít see that happening.

    There are no seat belts or safety seats on The Bus, so how do we protect our child from the dangers of everyday driving? Vermont state laws state that every child under a certain age and weight has to be in a safety seat or buckled. The Bus does not offer either, putting our children in danger. So what are we to do?

    I spoke to a lady from The Bus who stated that the rule has been in the books for 12 years. So why the sudden enforcement?

    I know I am not the only parent who is concerned about our childrenís safety while riding The Bus. If our child cannot be in a stroller where they can be protected, then seat belts and safety seats need to be installed or offered. It is a law.

    Anyone who has ridden The Bus knows that even an adult gets bounced out of seats. I myself was tossed out of my seat last year when the driver had to slam on the brakes. So the same can happen to a child.

    This is a real issue that needs to be addressed before someoneís child gets hurt or killed.


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