• GOP obstructed nation’s progress
    September 29,2012
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    I am declaring shenanigans on Mr. Stephen Coss’s letter “Obama’s record of failure.” His observations of the last few years are either without nuance or completely wrong.

    Gas prices doubled under Obama? A gallon of gas is about $4. Four years ago, gas was about $4 a gallon. He has not “thrown Israel under the bus.” The people of Israel and of Iran do not want war. Both countries are run by militant loose cannons. Obama deserves credit for preventing a war. Bin Laden is dead, as are many of the leaders of al-Qaida. The $6 trillion debt Mr. Coss speaks of came from two unfunded wars and a Medicare plan under Bush, none of which was paid for.

    President Obama has proposed many a program to increase good jobs in this country. The GOP has voted against everything in their attempt to regain party control, including a bill that would penalize countries that ship jobs overseas, and reward those who bring jobs back. He managed to save 3 million jobs directly and indirectly by saving our auto industry.

    I must make clear that Obama’s Congress includes a Senate that is saddled with a 60-vote filibuster rule, which is a ridiculous, illogical notion. Congress, an 8 percent approval? Really?

    Mr. Coss, you state that insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. That is exactly what Mr. Romney and the GOP are proposing, a return to Bush policies of low taxation for the rich, more taxation for the working poor, ER health care, less regulation in finance and environment. Do you really want, or do we really need, a president who has declared that he will blow off 47 percent of the people because they, servicemen and women and veterans, first responders, teachers, public workers are freeloaders? There is your insanity.

    One more thing. You complain about God “written out of the Democratic platform.” Like the God that was written out of our Constitution?

    Vote Obama-Biden. Give them a reasonable Congress. This is not a game. It is our lives.


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