• Return McCormack, Nitka to Senate
    October 01,2012
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    So, the new Republican campaign theme is the evil of “one-party rule” (“New choices for senator,” Sept. 28). This dodge avoids mentioning what their party stands for.

    It was a Republican governor who reacted to escalating health care costs by making a radio announcement telling people to ask for generic drugs. It was then-Rep. Bernie Sanders, not Vermont Republicans, who organized bus trips to Canada for Vermont seniors to buy affordable drugs. Vermont Republicans never said boo when the Republican Congress endangered the future of Medicare by denying the government the power to bargain for reduced prescription prices for seniors.

    It was a Republican administration that ignored Vermonters’ request not to be sold milk that contained sterilized pus. It was only after the dairy industry decided that BST was not increasing profits that the governor directed the Secretary of Agriculture to ban BST milk from Vermont stores.

    It was a Republican administration that avidly seized on the idea that taxpayers just love to wait on call answering for five, 10 or even 30 minutes in the name of “efficient government.” It was a Republican administration that later started calling it “effective government,” neither of which terms happens to be applicable.

    And it is Republicans who appeal to fear, uncertainty and doubt to conceal our government’s obligation to protect and empower Vermonters. Republican legislators are good people and do good, but like pills, too many of them at one time is bound to be a bad thing. Return Dick McCormack and Alice Nitka to the Senate.


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