• Bad decisions at the Chaffee
    October 02,2012
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    Sharon Nimtz put into words so many of our thoughts regarding the unexpected and unexplained action of the board of directors of the Chaffee Art Center (see commentary, Sept. 29). Firing the executive director, Mary Mitiguy, and also losing her assistant, Jessica Kaminski, was, to us, a very poorly thought out board decision. The Chaffee lost a very talented and dedicated team for reasons not explained to the Chaffee membership or the general public.

    In addition to being volunteers for Chaffee programs, we have attended receptions and other activities at the Chaffee and have never seen many, if any, board members in attendance.

    A behind-the-scenes board is not a working board. It also seems that most fundraising (usually a board function) has been accomplished by the hard work of Mary and Jessica only. Last October, the board named and introduced a volunteer to lead a campaign to raise matching funds for a grant received by the Chaffee. As Chaffee members we have never been approached by that individual, nor have we heard anything more about this campaign. Where is this board really taking the Chaffee?


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