• Wilton remedied city problems
    October 06,2012
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    Many of the letters in support of candidates come from the candidate asking the author of the letter to write it. I can assure that this letter of support does not have that as its origination or motivation.

    As the chair of the finance committee of the Rutland Board of Aldermen for three years I had the unique perspective of being able to work with and discuss the financial issues that plagued the city for years prior to Wendy Wilton becoming treasurer. During this time Wendy and I often did not see things through the same prism, but I gained a very deep appreciation for her skill set and the effect it would ultimately have on the city and its residents. In other letters Wendy has been credited with leading the city from red ink into black ink. While this is true, I think her more important contribution to the city was to redefine the processes that governed her office and how it related to policymakers and department heads. It is this effort that went largely unnoticed by the public but ultimately led to the city receiving its best audit ratings. Other auditors and treasurers have worked on this issue with little to show for it. Wendy embraced the audit team assigned to the city and made them feel like they were in fact part of the solution not just the purveyor of bad news.

    Another area where Wendy has excelled is in personal management. She has navigated the very choppy waters of personnel issues with skill and determination that has led to key hirings and reorganizations that have regained credibility for the treasurerís office.

    If you view in total the above comments, it can only lead you to one conclusion. Wendy Wilton has the important leadership skills necessary for the job of state treasurer. To the ultimate benefit of all Vermonters.


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