• Obama victory is a must
    October 09,2012
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    The upcoming election matters mightily. Those of us whom President Obama has disappointed need to focus on his accomplishments such as saving the economy, the auto industry through a storm of Republican opposition, and the lives of many thousands of Americans each year through health care reform, as well as on how much worse things would be under a President Romney. For example:

    War: Provoked by the terrorist attack of 9/11, President George W. Bush got us into two wars that were unnecessary and are unpaid for. Britain and usually Israel dealt with their terrorists by police and military actions; but this sensible response was not for Bush, and apparently is not for Romney. Rather, he looks very likely to attack Iran in order to disrupt its nuclear program; but as someone wisely remarked, doing so would be like mowing the lawn because pretty soon we’d have to do it again.

    Law: Four new justices will likely be appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court during the next four years; and if Romney adds even one more conservative, the court is almost certain to move the nation backwards and to end women’s right to choose an abortion if need be.

    The economy: The Wall Street bankers (not responsible Vermont bankers) who nearly brought down the economy are shamelessly lobbying and donating (dare we say bribing?) to derail any regulations that threaten to end their game of heads-we-win-billions-tails-you-taxpayers-bail-us-out. While Romney finally admitted during the first presidential debate that some regulations are necessary, he gives every indication of intending to gut actual regulations sufficiently to satisfy the Wall Street bankers and imperil the rest of us.

    Vermont is assumed to be safe for Obama. This is a dangerous assumption. It is best for both the nation and all of us in the 99 percent to get out the vote for Obama here and among our friends in New Hampshire.

    NANCY and


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