• Obama’s failure of leadership
    October 10,2012
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    Now that the first debate of presidential candidates is history, some of the resulting comments in the Herald letters are predictable, especially in view of the fact that there is a crisis in leadership with the present occupant of the Oval Office.

    Watergate was uncovered by the work of Woodward and Bernstein; no one died in that fiasco, but a president was driven from office.

    So where are these people now, namely the media who have been carrying Obama’s water since before the last election? We have a consular office in Libya in ruins. Four U.S. officials based there were killed, including our ambassador and two Navy Seals. It took several days for the administration to even admit it was terrorist activity, when they knew better on Day 1. The president refuses to meet with Bi-Bi Netanyahu, the president of Israel, our closest ally in the Mideast. Instead, he chooses to go on “The View” and hang out there. If this situation existed with a Republican in office, the likes of Woodward and Bernstein would be working at full throttle, and the rest is left to imagination.

    But in this situation, nothing, and there won’t be anything. Instead, the likes of an attempt to blame George Bush will probably be next. Again, what would the media be saying if a Republican had the following record of “accomplishment” in nearly four years of being in office?

    1. Gasoline priced from $1.95 to within pennies of $4 per gallon.

    2. A $4,000 reduction in average disposable income per year.

    3. Unemployment continually at 8 percent-plus.

    4. Food stamp utilization at an all-time high.

    Is this the “accomplishment” recipe for success?

    Blaming George Bush will not cut it, with a $16 trillion debt, most of which has accumulated in the last three years.


    Center Rutland
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