• Let oxen go to rescue farm
    October 13,2012
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    I was appalled to read today’s Rutland Herald (Oct. 11) front page article about Lou and Bill and their unfortunate situation regarding the “circle of life,” as proclaimed by Kevin Coburn, GMC spokesman.

    Some of his remarks made no sense — such as: “Their well-being is important to us.” Slaughtering them, especially when they are otherwise healthy is an indication of what you consider concern for the animal’s well being?

    After devotedly working the fields for GMC for 11 years, putting their hearts and bodies into their job, don’t they deserve a few decent retirement years? Not everything on a working farm has to end up on the table just because they can no longer work. There are other ways to complete the “circle of life” as you call it and use as a defense to the college’s decision to commit this inhumane act. Letting the animals go to a rescue farm would, indeed, be a good idea and then when they die naturally, they can returned to the ground, be composted and that would more humanely complete the “circle of life.”

    Has the college checked into whether the slaughterhouse in New York kills animals humanely? Have you seen the kinds of trucks used for shipping animals to the slaughterhouses? Are you considering Lou’s and Bill’s well-being in their stress as they are trucked away, possibly packed in with many other animals also stressed?

    Somehow you and the rest of those voting in favor of slaughtering these two hard-working and most likely gentle creatures is outright disturbing and disgusting. All of you should be ashamed. So you’ll have a month of hamburgers — choke them down. I pity poor Spook and Speck — they don’t know what fate awaits them after years of devotion.


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