• GOP promises a better future
    October 26,2012
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    GOP promises

    a better future

    In an economy where the percent of college graduates that are underemployed or unemployed is hovering around 50 percent, I’m voting for those that won’t stand in the way of job creators.

    I love Vermont. I want to stay here, and my ability to do so depends on this November’s election.

    Democrats’ actions have spoken louder than words when it comes to issues students like me care about. The Vermont Legislature, Gov. Shumlin and Treasurer Pearce acted in self and party interest, letting down every senior graduating from college and every Vermonter looking for a job, when they denied Vermonters information and an honest conversation on where they’ll find revenue for their spending.

    Will they broaden the tax base? Increase payroll taxes? Cut spending elsewhere? Vermonters, their families, and businesses were left in the dark by Montpelier and won’t see any light until after they’ve voted.

    There tends to be excessive hiring hesitation when you leave business leaders in the dark on issues that affect them and their employees’ bottom line. So why didn’t Democrats in Montpelier release the funding mechanism for health care reform when the legislation was being voted on? We don’t wait until we’re at orientation weekend to figure out how to pay for our tuition. That’s just plain irresponsible. We expected our state’s leaders would be responsible in making decisions for our state’s future, but they have not been.

    For Vermont to be a viable option for students to stay and young professionals to come, we need a governor like Randy Brock who will work to make Vermont a place for business, someone to advocate for transparency that doesn’t leave citizens in the dark, like Wendy Wilton, and local leadership that’s independent from the super-majority that’s out of control in Montpelier.

    As a Vermonter and college student, I want a job and I want it here. I’m tired of being left in the dark about my state’s finances and future, so I’m voting with the Vermont Republican Party.


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