• Time to give gift of life
    November 10,2012
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    The holidays are fast approaching. It’s time to remember what we are most thankful for, and it’s time to look forward to getting together with our family and friends. It’s also time to make your appointment to donate blood at the Gift of Life Marathon on Dec. 18.

    Almost seven years have passed since total strangers took the time to donate blood just as I needed it. Because they took the time to donate, I was given a special gift, the gift of time. I think of these people each night when I hug my girls before tucking them into bed. I am grateful when I wake them in the morning and talk about their plans for the day. I quietly thank them while I’m sitting through a band concert, a soccer game, piano practice or a parent-teacher meeting. Mostly I thank them when, even at age 11, they still tell me they love me. The gift of time truly is the gift of life.

    Please, take the time right now and call 1-800-RED-CROSS to make your appointment to donate blood at the Gift of Life Marathon. We’ve made it easier to take less time by opening another site with even more help to keep the pace going.

    This year you can give someone the gift of life. It’s time.


    Rutland Town
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