• Industrial wind is good
    November 11,2012
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    Industrial wind is good

    We need a diverse mix of energy sources in order to ensure a secure energy future. Iím glad that our governor has also recognized the need for these energy sources to be from renewable generation, and that the majority of Vermonters agree with this. Having said this, the NIMBY response we have seen is astonishing.

    It isnít a question that we need to find new sources for energy, having removed Vermont Yankee from our portfolio. Thatís almost 40 percent of our total electricity usage that we need to make up for since 2009. We are going to need anything and everything that we can generate to keep electrical rates stable, and those should come from our own state, to be able to support our own economy, and keep our money in state.

    Industrial-sized wind is one of the most efficient ways that we can power our state, and it needs to be a part of the solution. While solar is great, it would take 30,560 panels to generate the same amount of power that just one tower at Lowell produces. Talk about an eyesore. We need to support the development of all clean energy, especially wind, in order to take responsibility of our energy future.


    East Charleston
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