• Voters not fooled by Rove
    November 13,2012
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    The letter from Mr. Gilbert Nadeau, of Castleton, in Saturday’s (Nov. 10) Herald is yet another example of unparalleled ludicrous Republican drivel. Mr. Nadeau appears to speak to three items: minority ascendancy, fear, and finance. Minority ascendancy has been a part of our country’s history since 1776. The financial part — the much heralded Financial Cliff — which caused the market to tumble was John Boehner’s intransigence toward compromise and avoiding the Financial Cliff. Let us, then, look at the third aspect of Mr. Nadeau’s letter: fear.

    President Obama did not use the 47 percent as a fear factor. He used it as a matter of truth that Mr. Romney told a group of supporters that 47 percent of the electorate was unreachable, or words to that effect. If we are to look at fear as a tool, the entire electorate, and especially Republicans, should look to Karl Rove and his American Crossroads organization.

    Rove’s blatantly untruthful and offensive television advertisements were shameful at best, deceitful at worst and nothing less than a political disgrace. As it happens, of the nine politicians Rove’s American Crossroads supported, only one was elected, and hundreds of millions of dollars were wasted, and I quote Donald Trump here. Mr. Nadeau should realize the American voter is smarter than Rove believes, and s/he was not fooled by Rove, his money and his deceitful policies.

    Let us not, incorrectly, attach fear tactics to President Obama, but let us pin the fear badge on Karl Rove where it truly belongs. Such is the truth.


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