• Demographics aren’t everything
    November 13,2012
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    I would like to respond to Saturday, Nov. 10, letter from Gilbert Nadeau with a few facts.

    He claims that Obama was elected by “the 47 percent.” (Actually, Obama was elected by the 50.6 percent.) He further claims that Obama voters did not vote from economic concerns, but only because they were black, gay, Latino, single, etc. (Did people vote for Romney only because they were white males or Mormons?) In fact, about 85 percent of voters polled said that jobs and the economy were very important issues in this election. And most of those people — well over 50 percent — voted for Obama.

    Regarding “the 47 percent,” I assume that Mr. Nadeau refers to the percentage of Americans who pay no federal income tax. This group includes the working poor, students, disabled people, retired people, and also about 24,000 individuals whose income is in the top 1 percent of American earners. According to USA Today, of “the 47 percent,” a significant portion — about 40 percent — voted for Romney, even though he said he doesn’t care about them.

    Demographics are interesting, but are clearly not everything. People choose candidates in sometimes predictable, sometimes baffling, often complex ways. All you Republicans and all you Democrats, please be wary of putting people into neat little boxes wrapped with a ribbon of scorn. That’s how you lose.


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