• Animal Planet's 'Finding Bigfoot' show features Vermont
    By Courtney Parker
    Correspondent | November 16,2012
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    Provided photo Cast members of the show, "Findign Bigfoot" are shown in this image from Animal Planet.
    The infamous legend of Bigfoot has left people puzzled for years as they ponder the validity or myth surrounding the creature.

    Now, Rutland, along with the state of Vermont, is getting in on the action as Animal Planet showcases peculiar findings possibly linking Bigfoot to the Vermont area in one of its ''Finding Bigfoot'' segments. 

    The Sasquatch hunting team hit Vermont in early April to begin its investigation, holding a town hall meeting allowing locals to share their Bigfoot encounter stories.

    Among the group was Rutland's Jules Peteani who went with his family to meet the crew and listen to locals relay their personal experiences.

    “I find it very interesting,” he said, speaking of the myth.

    Peteani believes the Vermont region would make for a desirable habitat if the creature did exist and even admitted that he and his family took to the woods for their own squatch search.

    “We had a lot of fun.”

    The Vermont segment will be featured in this Sunday's episode titled “Mother Bigfoot” as part of the second season ''Finding Bigfoot'' series.

    “Finding Bigfoot,” which has been on the air since May 2011, consists of four researchers who travel around the globe in search of the infamous Sasquatch.

    The crew journeys to various points based on reported eyewitnesses and collective evidence to launch their own investigations, all in hopes of catching a glimpse of Bigfoot.

    This fall's season kicked off Nov. 11 and is scheduled to run regularly on Sunday nights.

    “Central Vermont is 'squatchy' as our team would say, meaning it provides the appropriate habitat, wildlife, and natural conditions that they typically find bigfoot sightings,” said the show's post-production producer Alison Caraotta, explaining why Vermont was highlighted as a hot spot for possible squatch activity.

    This Sunday's episode, beginning at 10 p.m., highlights the team's venture through Vermont and the special investigation of a local man's photograph of what may be a Sasquatch carrying her baby.

    Locals can judge for themselves based on the team's in-depth analysis of the picture during the show, as well as the rest of their findings from the Vermont forests.

    As far as Peteani is concerned, the legend of Bigfoot will continue to live on, allowing people to judge for themselves whether they choose to believe or not.

    He and his family plan to watch Sunday's show in hopes of finding more clarification on the subject.

    “I don't not believe,” said Peteani, joking about the myth of the Sasquatch. 

    “But I'm a believer in the possibility.”
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