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    November 17,2012
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    Well folks, the long political season is finally over. The air waves no longer have that hate-filled message. The lawns in Rutland Town are once again cleared of political signs.

    I just wanted to take a minute of your time to say thank you to all those Rutland Town voters who cast a vote for this now rep.-elect. Although I have yet to be sworn into office, I wanted to let you the citizens of Rutland Town know that Iím already on the job attending several meetings around the county.

    The issues that will face the 2013 Citizen Legislature are enormous. As I write this letter it has been reported today that the U.S. Postal Service has reported being 16 billion dollars in the red. The federal post office has always been run poorly, an example of another big government program run amuck.

    Then there is the Shumlin administration that wants to control and run our health care system in Vermont. So far the governor has been short on answers and solutions regarding cost and implementation.

    In closing, I will make no promises to any one group in the state of Vermont. I do promise to listen to you, the voter, before voting on some very important issues that will affect all of us.

    Thank you.



    Rutland Town
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