• Time to look at term limits
    November 22,2012
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    Dear President Eisenhower,

    In your farewell address you emphatically warned Americans that the “military/industrial complex” was a growing danger to the nation. You would be shocked.

    Now we are spending more on defense than the 10 other major, most militarily powerful nations combined, friends and foes.

    Our nuclear capability exceeds that of Russia plus China.

    Our antimissile capability is the only one in existence.

    And now the bad news:

    We have 11 superb carriers, no other their equal exists. Why? Congress insists the Navy have 11.

    It means that the two-member club has become a triumvirate, Roman style; an unstoppable juggernaut gripping America by the throat. It has become the big military/big business/big government complex that you feared. We are on the road to destruction.

    We have no weapon against it. Our votes are useless when choices are of a less than mediocre crop of candidates that voters are reluctant to send to Washington or even the state houses. These politicians are only bent on getting reelected to turn their political capital into capital gains.

    How did it happen? The lack of term limits for Congress. There are similarities to Nazi Germany in the 1930s, as well as Soviet Russia in the 1950s.


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