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    November 26,2012
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    I was amazed by Mr. Simpson’s response to my letter about being offended by the Herald’s printing of God’s name in a disrespectful and offensive manner. Amazed not so much by its content, but rather by the rapidity in which it was printed. Why am I amazed? Let me tell you.

    I emailed my first letter Nov. 4, called later that week to find out why it hadn’t been printed, no response; emailed it again a week or so later, called later in the week, again with no response. On the 20th, I hand-delivered a copy of the letter to the newsroom addressed to the editorial page editor, at which time I was told he was out but that someone else was taking care of the letters (there were letters printed every day during this time) and I also left a copy of the letter addressed to the president and publisher of the Herald. It was finally printed on the 23rd. So what took me almost three weeks to accomplish, Mr. Simpson managed overnight ... truly amazing. Perhaps it was because the content, which, while interesting, was irrelevant to my basic point, was more in line with what the Herald advocates and, yes, the direction in which it leans.

    Hopefully, the comment referring to blanking out offensive words with asterisks as “hilarious” was not meant to ridicule as this has been a standard practice for more years than I can remember along with bleeping out of offensive content over the airwaves.

    I am curious as to just what Mr. Simpson might be offended by if it’s only occasionally, because he’s obviously not referring to profanity in its myriad forms, which is offensive to me and I don’t want or expect to see in a publication meant for every reading member of a family.


    West Rutland
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