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    December 03,2012
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    If there was a contest for getting the most drivel in a small space, the letter signed by the Olinicks would take first place. (Letter in Dec. 1 Herald)

    First, there is no question that the Republicans lost the presidential bid; they lost it, rather than Obama won it. They lost it in large part because the leadership in the RNC is nonexistent; how else can there be an explanation for 3 million less votes for Romney than McCain received four years ago? Any organization needs leadership to succeed and without it, failure is the result.

    The Olinicks letter states that Obama has this huge mandate. If that is the case, what is the explanation for the House of Representatives remaining Republican? The last time I looked, the same people that voted in the election that made Obama a winner, also voted for the people serving in the House. If there was this huge mandate, why did the Senate remain nearly as evenly divided as before? The American people have figured out that they can live with Obama, with the checks and balances of the House and Senate, and the voters fully expect this legislative branch to do its job. I, for one, certainly hope they do what they were sent there to do.

    Also, if Obama’s plan is so righteous and has no opposition, why is he traveling all over the country as though he was still in campaign mode?

    This country is on a socialist, European-style path with our economy, no question about it. Some of us recognize that increased taxes will only equate to more spending; this spree has been the track record of those on the left. Attempting to spend our way into prosperity is an exercise in futility.

    I believe that if the truth was known, the Democrats are fine with allowing the fiscal cliff to take place; they get what they want, more taxes and a military downsized to the point of non-recognition, by just standing by.

    We shall see where all this lands.


    Center Rutland
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