• The gift of life
    December 17,2012
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    Itís been quite a year of firsts for my son, Jacob. Heís 5 now, and so proud to be riding a two-wheeler with no training wheels. Heís learned to tie his shoes and count to 100 and beyond. Heís ridden an airplane and a train for the first time, and heís in love with his new puppy, Henry, who has become his best friend. Last week, he sat on Santaís lap for the first time and shared a very long list of things heís hoping Santa will bring for Christmas.

    Itís impossible for me to think that I could have missed all of these things if not for the generosity of someone who I will never know. You see, I received a blood transfusion after Jacob was born that gave me the chance to see my son blossom into a kind, funny, smart, active boy. Our family is thriving, because someone decided to give blood.

    Iíve been a part of the Gift-of-Life Marathon blood drive in Rutland since the beginning Ė well before Jacob was born and every year since. This year, weíre determined to break the national record for collecting the most blood in a single day, which is something our community could be proud of for years to come. If weíre able to accomplish that, it will be pretty impressive, but competition is no longer the reason why Iím a part of this event. Iím there, year in and year out, so that someone else has the chance to see their child grow up. Especially at this time of year, there simply is no better gift anyone could give or receive.

    Iím asking you this year to join me in doing the same. Give blood at the Gift-of-Life Marathon on Dec. 18 in Rutland. Make your appointment by calling 1-800-GIVE-LIFE.

    Look for me at the College of St. Joseph, one of four sites where weíll be collecting blood that day, and let me know that youíre there to help someone else.

    Your simple gift will undoubtedly be the best one someone else will ever receive.

    Ann Warrell

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