• Time for hunters to speak out
    December 18,2012
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    After yesterday’s tragedy in a neighboring state, it dawned on me in all of my 30-plus years of hunting to put meat in my freezer: When have I ever needed more than one shot to put an animal down? A second shot may have been needed to complete the process, but never has it taken what the so-called hunting firearms of today are capable of. Another thing came to thought: When was the last time you heard of a news broadcast of a “mass” shooting where a single-shot weapon was the weapon used?

    Speaking as an avid hunter and a father of twin girls 9 years old and two adult daughters as well as give grandchildren I think it’s past time for the hunters to speak out. It’s our rights the NRA claims to be fighting to protect. Do we really want them using us as a reason to keep these types of guns available? Think of it: In 30 seconds how many lives could be ended with a single shot versus a semiauto. I know there are many who will not agree with me, but think of it. These could have been your children, wives or husband. I thank God they are not mine.

    Prayers to the families of the loved ones lost.


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