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    December 18,2012
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    Patrick McArdle’s Dec. 11 article re: aspiring publisher Peter Campbell Copp not publishing books as promised fell quite short of covering the whole situation. There is much more to the story. The $900 loss mentioned in the affair of the Hinesberg complainants is unfortunate, but at least three non-authors had invested thousands in Copp’s business. If memory serves, previous Herald coverage set his default figure over a hundred thousand.

    Copp borrowed directly to start his efforts and could not pay off those debts. Thousands are still outstanding.

    His original idea of a two-sided sheet carrying historical information for many towns, which was to be paid for by a border of ads of local area businesses, was a clever and worthy idea. It was, however, killingly labor intensive, and the money was not there to support extra help. His workers did not get paid.

    Sometime along the way his stated aim changed from historic promotion to “international publishing,” as someone quoted him. I know of one exquisite children’s book, “Somewhere in the Garden,” by a talented art teacher which was, indeed, published and languishes at the print shop for lack of money needed to release it to an appreciative audience. McArdle showed just the tip of the iceberg. Much could be revealed by investigation and will be if there is a trial, as Copp apparently wishes.

    These comments make no judgment. They are statements of unhappy facts. One hopes for a satisfactory resolution to all this.


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