• Time to think of tax payers
    December 26,2012
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    Time to think

    of tax payers

    I read a Rutland Herald article (Dec. 12) about another tax that Mr. Drunsik, Mr. Krohn and others are recommending to be added to the people of the Town of Manchester for the purpose of infrastructure. It seams as if every project that comes along requires a raise in taxes. Maybe it is time to look into these projects and funding for them. At one time, not so long ago, Manchester had an alternate form of income with parking meters. With the projects that are being discussed, it seams logical to use the street parking and a few of the public parking lots as a means to create income for these projects.

    Another form of income that should be considered are jaywalking and traffic violations in the high traffic areas of Manchester. One of the projects that has been mentioned is placing a curbed island through the center of town in order to make the town more pedestrian friendly. Several years ago, when the center lane was added in Manchester, it was added because of the amount of traffic that was flowing through town, and the traffic problems that was associated with that problem.

    Perhaps instead of this curbed island, maybe the town should consider putting in a few more crosswalks through town, adding lighting so that these pedestrians can be seen by drivers, and slowing the traffic through town from the 35 miles an hour as it is now to a limit of 25 miles an hour. This should make it safer for everyone.

    It is time for these local politicians and leaders to start thinking of the local taxpayers when it comes to these projects. Most of this excess traffic comes directly from the tourists flowing through the area, and they should do their part for the revenue of the town.

    Christopher Porter-Beckley

    East Dorset
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