• Electric bills still going up
    December 26,2012
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    Electric bills

    still going up

    Mr. Swett apparently didnt get his light bill before he sent his letter that appeared in the Dec. 11 issue. What he missed is that starting Feb. 1, The Efficiency Vermont tax that is already included will increase. So with that increase, plus that new $1.50 tax that starts Jan. 1 to give low income Vermonters a 25 percent rate reduction, eats up that very generous four-tenths percent rate reduction that GMP gave us out of the kindness of their heart. So instead of lower light bills, we still get higher ones!

    Don’t expect any favors from the Public Service Board. It’s starting to look like Peter Shumlin, Green Mountain Power and Efficiency Vermont are the only “public” they represent.

    Russell Nicklaw

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