• Not much fun in losing
    December 29,2012
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    In reading the article in the paper about the 2013 Shrine Game and Burr and Burtonís football coach Jason Thomas being selected as Vermontís head coach, I was reminded of a letter I wrote some months ago after the shellacking New Hampshire gave Vermont in the 2012 Shrine game.

    Vermont hasnít won the Shrine game in years. I asked for a change in the Shrine Gameís location and the player selections. The Shrine Game is played every year in New Hampshire and this has been going on since I can remember, back in the 1960s. Sure, Hanover is near the Vermont border and is a nice stadium, but Vermont has beautiful stadiums, too. Middlebury College would be just fine and Vermont could actually be the real home team for the first time. We canít be the home team if the game is played in New Hampshire every year.

    As to the player selection, New Hampshire has to allow for a limited pool of players so Vermont can compete. The pool of players is way too disproportionate in favor of New Hampshire now.

    So, I wish Coach Thomas well and hope that Wayne Shepard, the gameís general chairman, does something about this. If he doesnít, then the lopsided Shrine Game fiasco will continue, much to the Vermont playersí detriment.

    It really isnít much fun to lose these football games each and every year.


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