• Why did U.S. fail in Benghazi?
    December 31,2012
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    On the night of Sept. 11, 2012, the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya, was attacked by an organized group of terrorist(s) resulting in the death of four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Newly released emails and videos indicate the president knew this was an organized attack within hours. Still, after more than 16 weeks of stonewalling the American people, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is still protecting the White House. Why does this blatant hiding of the facts continue when you have a president that was elected claiming he would have a transparent administration?

    But the real question that the American people should be asking of Mrs. Clinton and the president is why was this embassy not better protected long before this attack? One does not have to live in this part of Africa to know that Libya has always been a dangerous place. After all, it is a place that has harbored terrorist(s) for decades. Today, though, after the overthrow and killing of the dictator Omar Qaddafi, Libya is truly a lawless territory searching for its bearings and is more of a threat to Americans living and working there. There are still plenty of Qaddafi loyalist(s) roaming the country and they hate Americans. They hate us because we helped the rebels overthrow and kill their leader. Al Qaeda has always been there and what an easy target we gave them. Warning signs were seen by Ambassador Stevens and communicated to the State Department long before the attack. Nobody in the State Department paid attention. So, how could our government be so ignorant and incompetent to not foresee what was about to happen? There is no doubt this administration failed to protect its people. Why? This is the question the American people should be asking the president and the secretary of state and not ‘‘when did you know it was a terrorist attack?’’


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