• Cold weather gets luke-warm welcome
    By Anders Ax
    Staff Report | January 03,2013
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    Although Thursday was an exceptionally cold day, with a high of only 10 degrees and a low of negative eight, many were able to beat the chill.

    Kellsey Oakes of Sheldon stopped into Sundaze Tanning Salon for a few minutes of warmth.

    “I definitely come when it’s most cold,” Oakes said.

    When Oakes stepped outside, she said the cold “took my breath away. It’s insane. I need to move out of Vermont,” she added laughing.

    Tammy Errington, owner of Sundaze, said that she’s had women show up on their half-hour lunch breaks just to warm up.

    “This morning I’ve been swamped,” Errington said.

    Errington said that recently, simply because it’s winter, business has picked up. But people have also been showing up more often to get a dose of vitamin D from the sun that’s been behind the clouds.

    “For everyone, it’s not about the tan. It’s the vitamin D. They flock in for the vitamin D.”

    For Molly Hornbeck of Whiting and Sarah Stanley of Brandon, they’re about to travel to St. John.

    “I’m going to study abroad,” Stanley said. “I need to get a base before I fry.”

    Upstairs in Ben and Jerry’s, Ariana Thomas of Shrewsbury pressed hot waffle cones on a sizzling griddle coated on the outside with burned grease.

    “Well, my car wouldn’t start this morning that was sort of a bummer,” Thomas said. Luckily, her father let her use his, but she said the cold hasn’t really been bothering her. In fact, she welcomes it.

    “I’m actually really excited, after last year without any real snow.”

    Thomas finds the cold to be kind of fun, but doesn’t believe she’d want to be outside too long.

    “If I was working outside, I’m sure I’d be singing a different tune.”

    For the complete story, see Friday's Rutland Herald.
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