• Many misdeeds deserve a name
    January 10,2013
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    Steve Eisenberg of Reunion Power, just before Christmas, wrote about having himself and his company maligned in writing and called names by industrial wind power opponents. I suppose at Christmas time he was looking for the holiday spirit and seeking a kinder ear to listen to his deceptions.

    Sitting near the warmth of my woodstove with the decorations and smells of evergreen and Christmas still surrounding me, I can’t escape thinking about the lies and deceptions that Mr. Eisenberg and his company have told to ridgeline landowners, host town officials and the entire citizenry. For this, what shall we call you?

    When you think about Mr. Eisenberg and Reunion Power ignoring the opposition from all four host towns, you have to ask yourself what shall we call you?

    For showing total disrespect for the Agency of Natural Resources, and their position on the ecologically sensitive area of the Pittsford Ridge and saying they are merely perpetrators of desk-top studies, what shall we call you?

    He also states that there is no such thing as wind turbine syndrome; however, the fact of the matter is that many people’s health conditions have been exacerbated who live in close proximity to industrial wind turbines, and for this what shall we call you?

    Mr. Eisenberg said, “We believe that this project still has potential with environmental and economic benefits.” This may be his most truthful and honest statement; however, the truth is that the environmental and economic benefits would be exclusively to himself and his company as he bilks the government and general public. For this, what shall we call you?

    Mr. Eisenberg apparently doesn’t like to be called names, yet it is OK to call industrial wind opponents NIMBYs and anti-development elements. W are not anti-development. We appreciate good honest people trying to establish businesses and create jobs for the betterment of our communities and provide services necessary for the operation of our lives. Fuel is what drives this country. So, please, don’t berate the people who deliver it. You and your company would waste a great deal of it if the completion of your damaging and frivolous project were allowed. So don’t try and take some holier than thou attitude.

    I have now gotten myself totally out of the Christmas spirit, trying to think of what shall we call you.


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