• No turbines on peaks
    January 14,2013
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    A winter lull in the wind turbine conflict provided time for assessments and re-thinking.

    Now we have a clear view of whether wind turbines on Vermont’s peaks makes any sense. It doesn’t. The current widespread conclusion – even with key legislators – is: stop it! Stop this permanent destruction of our principal asset, the beauty of our land. Stop destroying critical habitat. Stop shattering lives and homes. Stop destroying tourism. And, by the way, stop a few powerful individuals and politicians from gaining wealth at the expense of the people they are supposed to serve whose homes are scattered all through these hills, peaks and valleys.

    Hard data on health effects, poor efficiency of wind in Vermont (30 percent?), enough sources of electricity for the foreseeable future, loss of property values (for most of us our principal asset) and the false premise that all of this destruction is necessary to reduce our carbon “footprint” slightly – all this should be sufficient to put an end (not a moratorium) to these obscene enterprises. Wind turbines belong in wide open spaces – not on our gentle, occupied peaks.


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