• Police investigating White River Junction bank robbery
    CORRESPONDENT | January 17,2013
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    WHITE RIVER JUNCTION – At least two men, a robber and a getaway car driver, were involved in a bank robbery Thursday afternoon at the People’s United Bank branch in downtown White River Junction , according to police.

    Witness Michael Trombley of White River Junction said that a man “with long blond hair” (which police believe may have been a disguise) ran out the front door of the bank as he was walking up to it about 2:30 p.m.

    “I saw him go down over the embankment by the houses there and he jumped in a car and yelled to the other guy "Go! Go! Go!" Trombley said.

    Acting Hartford Police Chief Leonard Roberts would not say how much the robbers were able to take from the bank but he said no one inside was injured during the course of the robbery.

    A swarm of Hartford Police vehicles began arriving within moments and officers fanned out across Route 14 and nearby Bridge Street, in front of the Hartford Muncipal Building where the getaway vehicle was last seen, looking for any witnesses.

    Although there were a number of customers who drove up to the bank apparently just moments after the robbery took place, police said that it initially appeared that very few people actually saw what took place.
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