• Let’s not buy fear-mongering
    January 17,2013
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    Many argue that the NRA is using fear to encourage their members to fight any legislation on gun control. Where did the NRA learn this very effective tactic? Perhaps we should look at a few tactics the American government has used to create fear and then used that fear to take us into unimaginable places.

    They used the Domino Theory to spread the fear of communism, leading the United States into Vietnam by fabricating an incident in the Gulf of Tonkin.

    Ronald Reagan used the term “Evil Empire” to create fear of the Soviet Union, using the support he was able to garner from this to begin building what has become a huge military-industrial complex. During his term the word terrorist became popular and is now used to frighten Americans at every step.

    President Bush gave Americans the term “Axis of Evil” in describing Iran, Iraq and North Korea. Americans became familiar with the term weapons of mass destruction. President Bush told the American people we have to act before a mushroom cloud appears over the United States. After invading and controlling Iraq for years, no WMDs were ever found.

    The government now wants us to believe that Iran is attempting to build a nuclear weapon and that if they are successful American citizens will be in danger. Americans need to wake up to the fact that the biggest threat they face is the fear-mongering coming out of Washington, perpetuated by a media that is more concerned with ratings than the truth and seems to be more in step with government than the people.

    I own guns. I don’t own an assault weapon, and I am not a member of the NRA. I wish I believed that banning assault weapons will end school shootings, but I don’t. The government cannot legislate my nor your safety.

    Even before 9/11, but especially since, Americans have been willing to give up their freedoms every time the government cries wolf. It’s time we all paid a little closer attention to what’s coming out of Washington and used a little common sense.


    Fair Haven
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