• Safe water for our kids
    January 21,2013
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    Safe water

    for our kids

    As a retired elementary and special education teacher and a grandmother of 5- and 7-year-old girls who spend lots of time at my home on Maple Street, Iím frightened that Rutland is preparing to put chloramine in city water.

    I feel that adding ammonia to chlorine is an irresponsible adult response to care for our children. I donít want my grandchildren drinking the chloramine. Nor eating food washed with chloramine, or prepared with the water, or using dishes that went through the dishwasher. I donít want them washing their soft faces with chloramine, brushing their teeth with it, or breathing the steam while taking a shower or a bath. I donít want them wearing their clothes that go through the washing machine of playing in the water in the backyard pool.

    Isnít it bad enough that our little kids have become target practice for an industry that doesnít care how many guns is enough? Do the small vulnerable bodies of our little kids here in Rutland also have to be subjected to chloramine? After Newtown, children have earned a say about their futures. Are our adult tech toys, snowmobiles, luxury cars and boats, vacations, second homes more important than our children? Are we adults that callous and cheap that we donít care about poisoning our little ones because weíd rather spend our money elsewhere, and then safe water just costs too much?


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