• Do not violate our rights
    January 28,2013
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    Do not violate our rights

    Dear Congressman Welch, and Senators Leahy and Sanders,

    “In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” Thomas Jefferson

    Chained down by the Constitution. How about that. “The right to “KEEP” and “BEAR” arms shall not be infringed.” Just why did they include that amendment? The Constitution and Bill of Rights were written for the individual — an individual who might need protecting from government tyranny. They knew all about it, and were planning ahead. With the Second Amendment, the rest would remain safe.

    It’s significant that they didn’t say how you would keep, or what you would keep. Having gone through what they went through in determining the need for these documents, you can bet they meant you would be able to keep and bear the type of arms that your government keeps.

    Sorry but you are bound by the Constitution. The inconvenient truth is, no matter what trouble comes my way — be it a foot soldier from a hostile foreign country, a 225-pound thug high on drugs who has just smashed the glass out of my front door and is reaching in to unlock it, or Heaven forbid, my own government gone mad with power — I am an equal adversary and thanks to the Constitution and my Bill of Rights, I will stay that way.

    We are law-abiding citizens, only your potential disregard of the Constitution will make criminals out of Americans like us. I remember the American patriot who proudly spoke for all who love freedom when he declared you can have this one only when you take it ... “from my cold, dead hands.”

    Gentleman, I would suggest that the next move is yours, but being bound by the Constitution, I would sooner expect to see you step down than to violate our liberty.


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