• Bennington man charged with human trafficking of a teen
    By Patrick McArdle
    STAFF WRITER | February 05,2013
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    BENNINGTON — A local man is facing charges of aggravated human trafficking and repeated aggravated sexual assault on a child, a crime punishable by a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years in prison, after police said he had sexual contact with a teenage boy between 2009 and 2012.

    Peter A. Goewey, 60, of Bennington, was arraigned in April 2012 in Bennington criminal court on felony charges of repeated aggravated sexual assault on a child, possession of child pornography and attempting to lure a child into sexual exploitation.

    On Tuesday, the state added the charges of aggravated human trafficking of a person younger than 18 and promoting the creation of a sexual photograph of a child. The first charge carries a mandatory minimum term of 20 years in prison.

    Goewey pleaded innocent to the charges. He continued to be held without bail as he has been since April 27.

    Daniel McManus, a Bennington attorney who represented Goewey, asked the court to review its decision to find probable cause for the human trafficking charge because he said he thought it was “clear the intent of the statute is not what is alleged here.”

    However, Judge Cortland Corsones said he reviewed the statute and found that it was “very broad.” Corsones said he found it appropriate because the law says no person shall “recruit (or) entice (someone younger than 18) for the purpose of engag(ing) in a commercial sex act.”

    Goewey is accused of giving the teenager money for taking nude photographs of himself and sending them to Goewey.

    In the original affidavit filed in the case, Detective Anthony Silvestro, of the Bennington Police Department, said he met with a teenager, who was 14 at the time, on April 25, 2012.

    The teenager said he met Goewey at the Bennington Lanes Bowling Alley in 2011 and continued to have contact with him through January 2012.

    Christina Rainville, chief deputy state’s attorney for Bennington County, said on Tuesday that further investigation had shown the teenager and Goewey had contact starting in 2009. Phone records indicated that the teenager had sent Goewey pictures of himself in March 2012.

    The teenager said he met Goewey while playing pool. After the first few pool games, he told police, Goewey started to touch him.

    According to the teenager, on later visits to the bowling alley, which he described as “the worst,” Goewey would ask the teenager to get something from his car. Then Goewey would follow the teenager out of the building, have him get in the car and pulled the car around to the back of the building where Goewey would touch the teenager.

    The teenager said Goewey asked him to take nude photographs of himself with his cellular phone and send the to Goewey’s phone. According to the affidavit, Goewey gave the teenager $40 for sending the photographs and offered him $50 not to tell anyone what had happened.

    In a written statement, the teenager said he neither asked Gowey to touch him nor gave him permission.

    The teenager said Goewey “showed up” at his school bus stop twice. After those incidents, the teenager said he stopped taking the bus to school.

    Silvestro said Goewey declined to speak with him about the accusations.

    In a subsequent affidavit, Silvestro said a detective from the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force had retrieved a nude photograph, believed to be of the teenager, from a cellular phone seized from Goewey’s home during a search on April 26.

    According to Silvestro, Goewey was charged in 1995 with sexual assault and later pleaded guilty to an amended charge of prohibited sexual acts.

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