• Why are traffic studies needed?
    February 06,2013
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    In regards to the article, “Act 250: Parties spar over ski village traffic study,” I am seriously perplexed at the unilateral action taken by the heads of the regional planning commissions in demanding traffic studies and cost sharing by SP Land of as yet undetermined traffic mitigation projects.

    First why are heads of the RPCs acting on their own without consulting their members? Do they even have the right to do so?

    Secondly, these persons are seriously delinquent in their consideration of the regional economic context of their demands on SP Land.

    The most recent census data indicates that the population in central Vermont ski towns has declined by 20 percent and almost 26 percent in Killington.

    In addition, since 1989, the skier visits to Killington have declined precipitously. I don’t know the exact data, but they were around 1.1 million skier visits in 1989 and have not approached 1 million since.

    Furthermore there are existing traffic studies from around that time when Killington’s traffic was at its highest. Why the duplication of effort and unnecessary financial burden on SP Land.

    I think the 193 units proposed in Phase 1 will hardly offset the population decline and certainly will not come anywhere near creating the traffic in Killington’s heyday.

    Given the delaying tactics by certain interested parties, you have to wonder what the motivations of these RPC heads actually are and if there isn’t some sort of behind the scenes machinations taking place.


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