• A difference in treatment
    February 12,2013
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    I recently brought my dog to the vet on an emergency basis at one of the busiest clinics in Rutland. He was seen within an hour, had a laceration stapled, received shots, and was given meds to go home with to make him more comfortable. The bill was $199.75.

    Shortly afterwards, I went to the emergency room at the Rutland Regional Medical Center for a chemical burn in my eye. It was four hours before I was seen. During that time nothing was done to relieve my pain, or flush the chemical from my eye. When I was finally seen, my eye was not examined at all. The doctor checked the pH, looked up the ingredients of the cleaner I had mistaken for my travel saline, told me it probably wasn’t strong enough to do me any permanent damage and sent me on my way. The bill was $589.

    I am forced to conclude that a dog gets better medical care in Rutland than a person does. And it’s cheaper. I certainly wish I could get away with charging people $589 for taking four hours to do nothing. I know one thing for sure; the next time I have an emergency I’ll bypass the “emergency” room and go straight to my vet.

    Shame on you, Rutland Regional Medical Center.


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