• What's happened to Bernie
    February 18,2013
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    What’s happened

    to Bernie

    Several years ago, when Bernie was running for the U.S. Senate, his opponent ran television ads showing Vermont voters asking the question, “What’s happened to Bernie?” The question was intended to condition voters’ minds that Bernie had lost touch with them. The same idea applies today.

    Bernie, indeed, appears to have lost touch with the voters of this state. He has overstepped his position in the U.S. Senate by supporting wind power in a local arena; he has promoted wind power, and the installation of wind turbines on ridgelines, much against the will of the citizens of Vermont.

    His most forceful argument in support of wind power is that big oil and big coal will rally their advertisements stating that wind is not good but fossil fuel shall continue, or words to that effect. This is a shabby excuse to promote wind power.

    The voters of our state have the political intelligence and political savvy to understand whatever the flimsy promotion and advertising that the oil and coal interests may put forth, their claims are not valid and don’t show true advertising from opportunistic advertising.

    The fact is that Bernie has decided to support wind power in our state, without regard to the wishes and will of the residents of Vermont. Let me state it for Bernie loud and clear: We do not want ridgeline wind turbines, especially in the Pittsford area. They are a travesty to our environment, our mental and physical health, our ecology and our scenic grandeur.

    If the people of Pittsford, Castleton and West Rutland do not want these monstrosities, then will Bernie kindly cease and desist from encouraging their construction? Wind power is good, in the right place. So, erect your turbines in the deserts and the prairies, then transmit whatever electricity that can be gleaned from them back to Vermont.

    Do not build them here. We do not want them.


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