• Lack of respect by Select Board
    February 20,2013
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    Lack of respect

    by Select Board

    After attending the “Meet the Select Board Candidates” forum Feb. 13 in Castleton, I came away feeling that the incumbents felt that the taxpayers are not welcome to attend the Select Board meetings to express concerns or ask questions. A statement was made several times that “we are here to have a business meeting” and not get interrupted with taxpayers’ concerns.

    They should watch some of the surrounding town select board meetings, such as Killington, Proctor, Rutland Town, and see how respectful the boards are to the public and comments are welcome. Castleton allows 10 minutes toward the beginning of the meeting for citizen concerns. If a topic comes up later in the meeting and a citizen wants to make a comment, they are told that “citizen concerns” are over or “we won’t be hearing any more comments.” The board has let us know that “the final decision is theirs as a board.” I guess it’s a control issue.

    Castleton voters have three good honest, respectful people running for the Select Board (Tom Kearns, Wenger Rehlen and John Hale). It is time to vote for transparency, democracy, what is best for the town and respect for their fellow taxpayers.


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