• Public safety is crucial issue
    February 22,2013
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    Public safety

    is crucial issue

    Public safety is the most important issue facing the city of Rutland. The infestation of the drugs in this community has deteriorated the standard of living in Rutland and has cast a negative perception from visitors and citizens across all of Vermont. The mayor’s lack of leadership has had severe negative consequences for people’s public safety, for how people view Rutland and our desire for economic development and job creation. The mayor has failed miserably.

    While I was calling for changes in the Police Department and our approach, the mayor did nothing. The daily headlines in the Herald highlight drug arrests, drug-related deaths, overdoses, destruction of families, break-ins and assaults. A few weeks ago, the Herald headline read, “Police corruption alleged.” Is this the progress we are looking for? Even Chief Baker, in a recent article in the Rutland Herald, recognized that if the policies that are being put in place now by him were in place previously prior to Carly Ferro’s tragic death, that death may not have happened. I will coordinate aggressive strategies with the police chief and others to attack the drug and crime problems.

    In the area of economic development, the mayor has done nothing. He has failed to meet with key business leaders in the community. His hands-off approach will not and has not worked. My economic development will be all-inclusive and will seek input from all businesses in the community. I will be meeting continuously with business leaders and all businesses to develop a comprehensive recruitment plan that will include tax stabilization and other aggressive strategies.

    The tax burden and increased fees that the mayor has imposed on us taxpayers are enough. The taxpayers of the city of Rutland have suffered all too long. The increase in taxes has impacted the possibility of gaining economic development. I will work aggressively with the unions and the public to reduce the financial burdens that the taxpayers have been enduring. I will work with the city employees to become more efficient in a cost-effective and in a cooperative environment.

    In the Allaire administration, all points of view will be heard. The phone calls will be answered. I will always be accessible and available. I will conduct myself as I always have with respect, patience and true transparency.


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