• Let’s build on our successes
    February 23,2013
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    Six years ago when I first became mayor, Rutland demanded action and my administration delivered results.

    Through aggressive fiscal management, we have erased a $5 million deficit, delivered five consecutive balanced budgets and returned $2.4 million in unspent surplus to the taxpayers.

    We’ve repaved 40 city streets equaling 8.1 miles of new pavement; that’s a full 11 percent of our roadways.

    We’ve repaired six city-owned bridges, including two full deck replacements, tripled sidewalk repair, and laid 3,700 feet of new water mains, including replacement of the 1858 pipe on Woodstock Avenue.

    We’ve moved the city workforce from paying no portion of a top-of-the-line Cadillac health care plan to paying their fair share for a high-deductible model, and saved the taxpayers over $1.1 million along the way.

    We’ve developed a well-managed return-to-work policy and saved the taxpayers over $540,000 in workers’ compensation costs, and saved literally millions through City Hall staff reorganization.

    We’ve worked closely and collaboratively with our partners in the business world to bring much needed jobs to Rutland, such as the Casella Waste Customer Care Center, Keiths II Sports, and Green Mountain Power and its partners through its Energy Innovation Center.

    My administration has accomplished much, but elections are not about the past; they are about the future.

    The city has already put the building blocks in place to capitalize on our renaissance.

    We’ve redefined the mission of the Rutland Redevelopment Authority and have in hand a blueprint created by a nationally recognized expert on neighborhood stabilization and blight remediation.

    We’ve already forged close partnerships with state and federal law enforcement and corrections and will continue to generate success in combating drug-related crime through our Community Intervention Team (CIT) using a comprehensive strategy of evidence-based, intelligence-led policing to directly address quality-of-life crimes and neighborhood blight in order to hold criminals accountable.

    We have developed right here in Rutland the gold standard of the statewide Creative Economy initiative. And we will continue to build on the success of Friday Nite Live, Center St. Marketplace, bike path, sustainability in both agriculture and energy, and the Wunderfeet Children’s Museum.

    Rutland has come so very far, and we cannot risk losing the momentum that is driving us forward.

    Please be part of that rebirth, and allow me to join with you as I continue to lead the city in the right direction, without looking back.



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