• Man tells police he spent Social Security money on sex
    February 25,2013
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    By Patrick McArdle

    BENNINGTON — A Depot Street man was arraigned on a misdemeanor charge on Monday after police said he had a long-term arrangement with a woman who he paid to perform sexual acts.

    Robert Bailey Sr., 68, of Bennington, pleaded innocent in Bennington criminal court to a count of performing a prohibited act by procuring a woman for prostitution.

    In an affidavit, Officer Thomas Bull, of the Bennington Police Department, said he was called to the Bennington home of Perri Kaukas, 33, because of an argument on Jan. 4.

    Bull said that Kaukas asked that Bailey leave her home. Bailey told Bull that he had paid Kaukas $81 for sex the night before.

    According to the affidavit, Kaukas admitted to taking the money but said it was a gift.
    Bailey agreed to leave but asked Bull to take a statement about how he had been paying Kaukas for sex for the past nine months, Bull said.

    In his statement, Bailey said he had first given Kaukas money for sex in April and estimated the amount he had given her from then until Jan. 4 was about $2,500.

    According to Bailey, Kaukas said she used the money for cigarettes and lottery tickets.
    Bailey wrote that his brother owed Kaukas $5 for a sexual act she performed. He said he and his brother pay her money from their Social Security income.

    “We need ... it for food. I have not hardly any food in the house because it all goes to her for sex,” Bailey wrote.

    While Bull said he reviewed the statement with Bailey to confirm the information Bailey had given, Bull said Bailey called him later in the night to say he didn’t want to pursue criminal charges against Kaukas “because he was at fault for paying for sex.”

    Bull said he contacted Kaukas on Jan. 17 and asked her to come to the Bennington Police Station.

    During an interview, Kaukas admitted to taking money for sex but said Bailey had offered her money for performing sexual acts, according to the affidavit.

    Kaukas gave a written statement in which she admitted to taking the cash, performing sexual acts and spending the money on “food, lottery or cigarettes.”

    “This is my first time doing this,” Kaukas said in the statement.

    Kaukas has been charged with several crimes over the last 13 years but most were dismissed except for a charge of simple assault to which she pleaded guilty in October 2002.

    Susan McManus, who represented Bailey, requested a sanity and competency evaluation of her client.

    According to McManus, Bailey had come to the hearing with his caseworker from United Counseling Service.

    Bailey was released without bail but ordered to have no contact with Kaukas.

    A call to the Bennington County State’s Attorney’s office asking about whether Kaukas was being investigated for possible charges was not returned before deadline on Monday.

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