• Allaire will help city grow
    March 01,2013
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    Allaire will

    help city grow

    I have known Dave Allaire for many years.

    In 2007, I opened a small business here in Rutland City. As a small business owner, I did little to no advertising and rely mostly on word of mouth. Three years ago, Dave walked into my store to pitch me on an advertising proposal. I explained my views on advertising and went to send him on his way. Before I did, I picked his brain on some things I didn’t care for going on in our city: drugs, crime, taxes continuing to increase with nothing to show for it, and of course, the ongoing corruption and cover-ups.

    I felt that I, as local business owner, homeowner/taxpayer and voter, deserved an answer, and he, as the Board of Aldermen president, could provide that to me.

    What I learned that day was that the Board of Aldermen was not the all-knowing, almighty body of government and cause of all problems that I had felt it was; the issues I was concerned with were born in the mayor’s office.

    In the weeks to follow, Dave did not give up on his quest to show me he could help my business grow. As time went on, I began using Dave’s advice since he took time to find things that fit both my business and my budget. As we went forward, and I continued to hound him with city issues, I began to ask him, “Why don’t you run for mayor?”

    A year later, this past June, Dave came into my store. I welcomed him as “Mr. Mayor,” on that day, he replied, “I’m not here today to sell you something, I’m here to tell you I’m running for mayor, and I would love your support.”

    Seeing Dave’s perseverance in helping to grow my business, and the passion he feels for our city, I feel “Mayor” Dave would do for this city what he did to help my small business. That is why on March 5, I will be voting Dave Allaire for mayor of Rutland City.


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