• Allaire practices politics of fear
    March 01,2013
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    Alderman Allaire is engaging in the politics of fear. Listening to him, Rutland is akin to the East Bronx with rotting neighborhoods awash in drugs and heinous crime. His outrageous hawking of this blighted image will indeed keep businesses, manufacturers, and families away.

    But I did get a laugh during his TV appearance when at the conclusion of one of Mayor Louras’s list of accomplishments in the last six years Mr. Allaire said, to paraphrase, “It should have been done sooner.” Where was Mr. Allaire during that time? If he had so much vision and passion for the city, why wasn’t he working with the mayor to make those things happen sooner? I choose not to speculate here as to the why, but it’s not rocket science to figure it out.

    And now let’s turn to his alleged role in “cleaning up the Police Department.” He had nothing to do with Chief Bossi’s resignation. The chief resigned for reasons of health and other personal matters that had nothing whatsoever to do with Mr. Allaire. Nor did he, or any alderman, have a role in dealing with the issues relating to the misconduct of certain officers. Those matters were being appropriately handled by the state’s attorney, and investigated by the state police consistent with the commission’s rule that such matters require that a neutral outside agency be called in.

    If anything is clear, it is that Mr. Allaire expects that sound bites, the politics of fear, and revisionist history will be a substitute for the qualifications required to run a city. Qualifications that he clearly lacks.


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