• Sally Dodge Mole
    March 23,2013
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    Congress caves

    to biotech firms

    Americans need to wake up to the real dangers of our present state of corporate greed and power and take action to preserve our rights to clean food, water and health.

    Yesterday, Congress passed the Continuing Resolution HR-933. Embedded in this resolution is a provision that strips the important concept of “judicial review” from our courts, caving to Monsanto and other biotech companies. Section 735 strikes a major blow against America’s constitution, citizens, farmers and the environment that undermines our basic democratic rights in favor of continued corporate welfare and failed oversight of GMO crops.

    Even if their new GMO crops are proven to be harmful to human health or the environment, Section 735 allows them to be planted the minute the USDA approves them. Currently 13 new crops are awaiting approval at the USDA.

    The floodgates are literally open for Monsanto, DuPont and Dow Chemical’s new GMO crops that are resistant to more toxic chemicals like 2,4-D, Agent Orange, that will replace failing Roundup Ready GMO crops.

    Superweeds have developed which are now resistant to Roundup. Why, after introducing Agent Orange-ready crops, those weeds shouldn’t also develop a resistance? Agent Orange and 2,4-D had major toxic effects on people during the Vietnam War, with neurological issues, birth defects, liver and kidney damage, and more. Do we want our fields and streams — and our food — contaminated with this and other dangerous chemicals?

    Please contact President Obama and express your outrage at the takeover of our rights to clean food. Contact your representatives and tell them you don’t want more poisons in our food supply. Support the GMO labeling bill that has been introduced into the Vermont Legislature. Open your eyes to the dangers to our health and the health of our children that is being perpetrated by Big Ag and Big Chemical.


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