• For Shumlin it’s ready, fire, aim
    March 30,2013
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    Gov. Peter Shumlin’s secretary of administration, Jeb Spaulding, has an opinion piece in today’s (Wednesday, March 27) Rutland Herald attempting to explain the Agency of Natural Resources move fiasco, which will cost more than $8.6 million. In his first paragraph, Secretary Spaulding states: “News stories last week have resulted in a significant misunderstanding about the move to the National Life campus by the ANR.”

    The operative word in that paragraph is “misunderstanding.” How many times have the people of Vermont been told by the governor or people in his administration when they get caught with their pants down that it is all a “misunderstanding.” Let’s count some of the times:

    The amount of money to be received from FEMA for the Waterbury rebuild was a “misunderstanding.”

    The $500 million promised by Gov. Shumlin to be saved during the first-year operation of the new health care system, was all a misunderstanding.

    Trying to justify closing Vermont Yankee based on safety concerns was all a big misunderstanding.

    Getting $17 million in revenue a year by taxing break-open tickets was all a big misunderstanding.

    And the list goes on.

    How is it that Gov. Shumlin continues to stumble into so many misunderstandings? It’s because he is a ready, fire, aim manager, which means he speaks or acts before doing his homework, as we would expect from a chief executive.

    Its also interesting to note that in yesterday’s editorial entitled “Declaring independence,” the Rutland Herald chided the Governor by saying: “Shumlin had not done sufficient spade work to build confidence in the dependability of the break-open tickets as a revenue source.” In others words, he had not done his homework, further making the case that Gov. Shumlin is a ready, fire, aim manager.

    This is not good, thus the people of Vermont and the Legislature should be alert for future incidents of misunderstanding.


    Rutland Town
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