• Countering despair on climate change
    March 30,2013
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    Thank you for Eric Blaisdell’s article on the Montpelier climate change conference. Unfortunately, Blaisdell ended his article with a quote emphasizing depression, powerlessness and despair in the face of climate change.

    However, attending conferences, joining activism groups to work on local climate change projects and going to protest marches to stop the Keystone pipeline will relieve despair and feelings of powerlessness. There is strength and comfort in community.

    Similarly, people can fight climate change if they support a bill written by Sen. Bernie Sanders. His Climate Protection Act of 2013 would charge the people and corporations mining and drilling coal, oil and gas a tax based on how much each fuel harms the environment. The tax would effectively charge for the pollution emitted when the fuel is used (instead of letting people and industry pollute for free).


    Brookline, Mass.
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