• Police ID man killed in NH after Vt. robbery
    By Christian Avard
    Staff Writer | March 30,2013
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    BELLOWS FALLS - The man who was shot and killed by police in Walpole, N.H. after robbing a Bellows Falls office supply store was identified Saturday.

    Larry Albert Bohannon, 52, was last known to live in Grafton, N.H., according to New Hampshire Attorney General Michael Delaney,

    That state's chief medical examiner, Thomas Andrew, said Saturday that Bohannon died from gunshot wounds to head, chest and abdomen.

    In his statement Delaney referred to Bohannon as an armed robber "who was pursued and ultimately shot by police in Walpole, N.H."

    He did not say which officer or officers shot Bohannon, or whether Bohannon fired at police. WMUR-TV reported that neighbors heard as many as a dozen gunshots.

    New Hampshire officials said the shooting took place after Bohannon, wearing a mask, committed an armed robbery Friday afternoon at Snow & Lear/Newton Business on The Square in Bellows Falls.

    Police said Bohannon fled with an undisclosed amount of money into New Hampshire and was pursued by officers from Walpole and Alstead, N.H.

    Police stopped Bohannon's pickup on Upper Walpole Road near the intersection of Route 123 in Walpole, N.H., where there was a confrontation and Bohannon was killed, officials said.

    Authorities said no further information will be released until early this week.

    The woman who was working at the Bellows Falls office supply store at the time of the armed robbery was store manager Nancy Staniszewski, 75, of Walpole, N.H.

    Nancy Hagstrom said Staniszewski, her employee, has been manager of Snow & Lear/Newton Business since the late 1980s and is loved by the Bellows Falls community.

    "(Nancy) was very calm," Hagstrom said. "She handled it very well and she's one of the reasons why nobody got hurt."

    Duane Whitehead, co-owner of Arch Bridge Bookshop, was working next door at the time of the robbery. He did not know what happened until he was informed by a customer and after police arrived.

    Like Hagstrom, Whitehead said Staniszewski is supported by many and is a reason why Snow & Lear/Newton Business has been successful over the years.

    "Everybody who knows (Nancy) is very concerned about her after the incident," Whitehead said. "This person who robbed her must have been very desperate and somewhat calculated because it was an older woman he robbed."

    Staniszewski did not return a call for comment.
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