• Dominating the mountaintops
    April 04,2013
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    Driving across northern Vermont this past month, I was startled with the fact that our focus on our landscape has completely changed.

    Going to and from St. Albans it’s the wind towers and Georgia Mountain that dominates. Mount Mansfield and the surrounding hills took a back seat.

    Going to Newport and coming back by way of Lyndon, towers again dominate the views and ridge tops.

    Towers could be seen from the back roads in the most unexpected places.

    If the towers are to be put upon the Seneca Range, a Vermonter or tourist will never be able to drive across northern Vermont and not see a tower. Will the state tourism guide depict pristine towers amongst the foliage, with words, “Come see Vermont, a tower sighting virtually from every Kingdom road”?

    Will we have words proudly proclaiming how Vermont managed to bring global warning to the forefront of the world’s consciousness in four short years? I get the feeling they are laughing at us and elated that they finally got Vermont to conform.

    Some Vermonters proclaim that the towers are the saviors to global warming. Some Vermonters know they are being trampled upon and losing their mountains, their views and their identity. And the vast majority will be scratching their heads and wondering what the hell just happened.


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